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KMC audit report reveals corruption


The Kathmandu Metropolitan City´s (KMC) account audit report for the fiscal year 2011/12 has revealed that there is rampant corruption within its departments. The report says that there is gap of Rs 31.3 million between the income shown by the central account department and the KMC´s revenue section.The report produced by the revenue department has shown that KMC received Rs 181 million assistance from the government whereas the central report claimed that only Rs 161 million aid suport was granted to the body last year.”

Around Rs20 million is hidden from the KMC´s account as revenue details does not match the central account description,” mentioned the audit report. Similarly, environment department has shown its income at zero rupee whereas the revenue department has produced its income as Rs 1.9 million.

Likewise, Rs 46.4 million assistance under the public private partnership shown by the account section has been reduced to Rs 38.4 million by the revenue department leaving out Rs 7.9 million. Nevertheless, an income worth Rs 1.6 million categorized as others has been hidden in the statistics produced by the revenue section which has put its income as zero.

“There is no clear reason on why such gaps occured in the reports, either the officials produced fake report or was a technical error,” reads the report mentioning about the gap in income report.

Meanwhile, the audit report also revealed that KMC officials dealt with invalid consumers´ group in various development projects granting them huge amount as advance. “Twenty one invalid consumers´ groups that are not registered at the District Administration Office were found being involved in different construction projects,” the report revealed.

The KMC had granted Rs 2.7 million to Khahare Road Consumer´s Committee on April 19, 2011 before the committee completed its construction. Though the law permits to award contract for the labors in any project. It was also found that the local body was dependent on the consumers´ committee for machinery and technicians´ hiring too.

Source: Republica Daily


Published on 2012-10-30 02:31:37