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A week on, public wait for the constitution draft


PARBAT, July 18

Achala Sharma, secretary for ward 8 and 9 in Kushma municipality was busy with her work at office on Friday morning while the table in her room was occupied with bundles of the constitution draft.

Though a week of the CA schedule to inform and gather feedback on constitution draft from public has passed, dozens of copies meant to be distributed to people pile up at the municipality office.

“I could not distribute them and most of the copies are still at office, given the reason that the CA schedule overlapped with the closing session of last fiscal year,” said Sharma. She added that only a few copies she has distributed in two of the wards she is responsible for. This was the scenario at the district headquarter a few hours before Bikash Lamsal, the CA member elected from Parbat-1 was scheduled to interact with public.

Since July 10, the officials dispatched from the CA secretariat with some 2000 copies have already distributed 1700 of them to the municipality and VDC officials for distributing to public, according to Udabir Nepali, Secretary at the Committee on Citizen Relation and Public Opinion Collection.

However, the municipality that is responsible to distribute 180 copies of drafts in the municipality, 10 in each of the 18 wards, could not say how many of the draft reached to public.

Likewise, 25 copies each were given to VDC secretaries to distribute in 47 VDCs. But some of the officials have not even left for villages, till now.

Suraukhola VDC secretary Ganesh Bahadur Rana, who was in the district headquarter Kushma till Friday evening told Republica that the copies would be carried out to the village on Saturday only. Similar is the story at Shaligram and Rani Pokhari as the draft are on hold with the VDC secretaries, they admit.

Lamsal is scheduled to receive feedback on the draft from the villagers of Rani Pokhari, but the secretary is unanswered whether the draft would even reach before the lawmaker or not. The secretaries of Huwas, Ramja Deurali and Tilar VDC managed to distribute the draft on Friday only.

“With the weak campaigning to make the draft accessible to public, the situation is that they might comment without going through the content or just disown it,” said Biplab Hamal, advisor at of the Parbat FNCCI.

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