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Six districts to attain total literacy in a month


KATHMANDU, June 22: Six districts have joined the race for attaining total literacy, Non-Formal Education Center (NFEC) has claimed.

Palpa district had started the campaign to attain total literacy a year ago, while Sundhupalchowk and Lalitpur districts are the latest to claim total literacy. Similarly, Chitwan, Dhading and Mustang are also among the districts to officially attain total literacy, NFEC officials have said.

Lalitpur district has attained total literacy and an announcement in this regard will officially be made on Monday, said NFEC Deputy Director Bishnu Prasad Mishra.

Lalitpur has achieved the target of making 70,443 out of 74, 876 people literate, Mishra said. Though 18 VDCs and 18 wards of the sub metropolitan city in the district were literate until mid-February, the district has made a remarkable achievement covering the remote areas of the district, he added.

Palpa with 99.22 percent of its population literate will be declared total literate district on Wednesday, Palpa District Education Officer Top Bahadur Shrestha told Republica over phone.

Ability to read and write, use mobile phone and calculator and open bank account are taken into account while giving literate status to a person.

Sindhupalchowk is being officially announced as a total literate district on July 1 with 97 percent of its population literate.

Household survey carried out in the fiscal year 2010/2011 showed that 5,173,979 of the total population between the age 15 and 60 are literate. The government had begun total literacy campaign in January last year. It aims to attain total literacy across the country by January 2015.

The government has deployed 2, 07,000 volunteers and 20,700 monitoring officers to carry out the literacy campaign and attain the target of making 1.38 million people literate annually.

The government had decided to provide Rs 500,000 each to districts attaining total literacy, 200,000 to municipality and 50,000 to VDCs.

While launching the National Literacy Campaign the NFEC had modified the criteria for individuals to be termed literate. As per the new criteria, an individual who is able to read and write in Nepali or own native language, has basic ability to use mobile phone and calculator and is able to count up to 100 and can fill out bank vouchers and checks, among others, can be termed literate.



Source- Republica Daily

Published on 2014-06-23 02:22:28

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