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43.92 pc make through SLC



In what is a little more than 2 percent increment over last year’s pass rate, 43.92 percent students passed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Board exam this year. 

Of the total 394,933 students that appeared under the regular category, 173,436 made it through the exam this year, which is a slight increment in the pass rate from 41.57percent last year, according to the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), which published the SLC results on Friday. 

Among the students who passed, 18,110 have received distinction marks whereas 83,637 have passed in first division. Likewise, 67,942 received second division marks whereas 3,747 students had to be satisfied with third division. 

As many as 15,074 students passed thanks to the five marks given as a grace to students who would have failed for lack of just five marks or less. 

As for the gender comparison, 98,777 boys passed, which is a 49.43 percent pass rate, or 9 percent more than the girls’ 38.27 percent pass. Only 74,659 girls could make it through the exam.

Addressing a press conference, Examination Controller Bishnu Bahadur Dware claimed that the exams were conducted in a more disciplined fashion this year and this shows in the improvement compared to the previous year. 

The exams of a total of 573 examinees were canceled, including 402 from one center in Janakpur, whereas 1,309 examinees’ results have been withheld. 

Similarly, 5,531students dropped the exams despite submitting the exam forms, whereas 14 students were expelled for misconduct and cheating in the exams, the OCE has stated. 

Among the exempted students, only 10.92 percent have passed the exam. Only 14,591 such examinees succeeded in their second or further attempt, out of a total of 133,626 who appeared. 

A mere 206 students could manage first division marks whereas 11,477 secured second division. The students’ drop rate after submitting the exam forms has been high as 13,322 dropped out. 

Education Secretary Bishwa Prakash Pandit claimed that only deserving students have made it through the exam given the maintenance of discipline.

“Even though the pass rate is unsatisfactory, it is an achievement that only students of quality have made it through,” Pandit said.

However, Curriculum Development Board Director Diwakar Dhungel says that classes conducted in schools still fail to be student-friendly and so there has been almost no improvement in the results compared to last year.

“Classes conducted in schools failed to make students learn their lessons and the exam results are a clear reflection of this,” Dhungel added.

The supplementary exams for students who have failed in one or two subjects have been scheduled for August 5 to 12. 

Govt fails to keep its promise to increase the pass rate by double digits

Despite the government’s claim to improve the pass rate this year by double digits, the exam result has proved them unsuccessful. Following widespread criticism following the decline in the pass rate by six percent last year, the Department of education (DoE) soon announced that it would put in efforts to improve the results by 10 percent.

In a hurry to minimize the criticism, the Ministry of Education (MoE) also introduced a 23-point directive for teachers, district education offices and regional education directorates, focussing mainly on making the classes more interactive for students.

As per the directive, all subject-teachers must prepare a self-achievement benchmark for every grade they teach and send each copy to the resource centers and the district education offices (DEO). 

The ministry had also instructed the DoE and district education offices to make the schools send quarterly examination results for 10th graders to the resource centers and DEOs for the evaluation of students who are set to appear in the SLC exams.

However, the results that show a slight increment this year cannot be considered positive, as more students have failed this year, says educationist Mana Wagle. He criticized the government for its failure to keep its word.

“Though the results seem to be positive at a glance, let’s not forget that 340,534 students have failed this year including among the exempted,” he added.

Wagle stated that the SLC results would not improve until the government makes the education policy student-focused. He argued that school education was currently focused on teachers rather than students.




Source- Republica Daily

Published on 2014-06-14 06:40:29

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