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One in five microbus drivers involved in road mishaps



A recent fatal accident of folk singer has dragged a concern over the increasing involvement of microbuses in the total road accidents recorded the valley.
Are the microbus drivers that culprit as portrayed after the celebrity´s death? Yes, the traffic data reveals so. 

One in every five-microbus driver is involved in road accident in the Kathmandu, a data of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has revealed. 

The data collected over eight months of the running fiscal year, between July 14 and March 14, shows that microbus drivers are involved in 20 percent of the total accident. The data paints alarming picture of the carelessness of microbus drivers in the valley though it comprises just 0.2 percent among the top five categories of vehicles. Of the total 7,08, 616 vehicles, only 1,647 are microbuses registered in the valley. 

Types of vehicle

Vehicles registered in Bagmati zone

Involved in accident
















The data also reveals that 98 percent of the total accidents are the result of human carelessness compared to only 2 percent of machinery errors. Eighty-six percent of the mishaps are the result of drivers´ carelessness, whereas four percent each due to over speeding and drunk driving. Likewise, overtaking attempts result in three percent of accidents and one percent accidents occur due to other reasons. 

The MTPD decided to study accident data over the eight months period following the recent fatal mishap involving folk singer Mahat. Though the micro drivers´ rashness had always been a challenge for the traffic police, it had not been revealed that so few microbuses could be involved in so many accidents, says the MTPD spokesperson SSP Basanta Panta. 

“The Mahat case compelled us to study the trend,” Panta added. 
In an interaction with the microbus entrepreneurs on Friday, MTPD Chief DIG Keshav Adhikary pointed out twelve serious negligen

Similarly, the drivers block roads and the conductors misbehave with passengers and cram their vehicles. DIG said other common negligence of drivers were picking and dropping passengers at wrong places and using mobile phones while driving. 

Meanwhile, the MTPD has geared up to minimize accidents through special campaigns focusing on micro drivers. A weeklong awareness drive aimed at microbus drivers and conductors comes into effect from Sunday.



Source- Republica Daily


Published on 2014-04-06 01:01:25

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