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Textbooks delivering process begins



Janak Education Material Center (JEMC) began distributing textbooks from Tuesday, the day when the youth lawmakers demanded the government to declare textbook crisis at the Parliament. 

Five distributors loaded the textbooks from the JEMC godown in Bhaktapur on the day, said the center´s General Manager (GM) Anil Kumar Jha. 

After ending the 40 years old partnership with Sajha Publication that failed to accelerate the distribution, the JEMC relented on its procedure to collaborate with private sector to transport the textbooks to schools across the country.

“Twenty-four private distributors have shown interest for transporting the books for this session and they are set to begin the work from Wednesday,” he added.

To ensure maximum participation of the private sector, the JEMC will allow any book stationers to collaborate for distribution work if they can fetch clearance letter from respective District Education Office, according to Jha. 

“The deadline for application to work as our distributor ends on April 10, but it can be extended if we continue to receive more distributors,” Jha told Republica, adding, more than 100 private agencies can participate in the work. “We are focused only on delivering books on time for which maximum numbers of distributors can be welcomed.” 

Until now, the JEMC has printed 14.2 million textbooks whereas 8.3 million are yet to be printed to meet the target of printing 22.5 million books as assigned by the Department of Education (DoE). 

“We are just one week behind from the last year´s schedule to begin the delivery this time,” said the JEMC GM Jha. Sajha had begun distributing books from March 22, last year. 
Jha claimed that there was no need to declare crisis as they are late by just one week. “For sure, textbooks will be in the hands of students within a week of the new session,” he claimed. 

Youth lawmakers raise textbook issue in parliament
The youth lawmakers of various political parties demanded the government to immediately address the crisis of textbooks.

Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Gagan Thapa expressed concern over the media reports on textbook crisis following the end of coalition between the JEMC and Sajha Publication. He also demanded the government to find a long-term solution to the crisis at the beginning of every academic session.

“Let´s create a law if necessary to fast track the entire process of delivering textbooks,” he said. 

Supporting to Thapa´s concern, NC´s another Lawmaker Ranjit Karna, CPN-UML´s Rabindra Adhikari and UCPN (Maoist)´s Ganesh Man Pun slammed the government for depriving students of their fundamental rights by delaying textbook delivery. 

Responding to the lawmakers´ concern, Minister for Education Chitra Leka Yadav claimed that the textbooks would reach to students on time.

Updating the house about the ongoing activities of the Ministry of Education and DoE, Minister Yadav said that all mechanisms under the ministry were working to deliver the books on time.



Source- Republica Daily 


Published on 2014-04-02 04:56:19

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