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50 pc textbooks yet to be printed



With just little more than one month remaining for the new academic session to begin, Janak Education Material Center (JEMC) has said that only around 50 percent of the total required textbooks for the new session have been printed till date.

JEMC, the state agency responsible for printing textbooks, has printed total 11.2 million textbooks until Sunday, whereas the Department of Education had assigned it to publish as many as 22.5 million books for the new session, according to the JEMC Director General Anil Kumar Jha. 

The center has only 35 days left to publish the remaining 11.3 million textbooks. 

“As printing the required number of books within the available time seems impossible, we are looking forward to share the work with Sajha Publication and other private publications,” added Jha. The center has the capacity to print maximum 1,35,000 per day from its five presses at present, which means it would need 83 days to meet the target from Monday. 

However, Sajha´s General Manager (GM) Mamta Jha told Republica that her publication with five printing presses has the capacity to print maximum 30,000 books per day at present. 
While the Sajha staffs are already on strike demanding their salary and provident fund, Jha is trying hard to calm down the agitators, urging them to cooperate to take new orders.
“JEMC´s interest in letting us print the books is a good sign as it will not only improve our income but also mend the soured relation between the two agencies,” she mentioned. 
Meanwhile, the DoE DG Lav Dev Awasthi claimed that the JEMC is capable to complete its job on time. He expressed his unawareness about the JEMC plan to hire Sajha to publish some of the textbooks.

Awasthi leads the committee that monitors JEMC and book delivery services of the Sajha. 

Following the widespread criticisms for the failure to deliver textbooks on time, the Ministry of Education in December had decided to share its burden with the private sector. JEMC´s continuous failure to print textbooks on time since 2007, prompted the MoE to allow private sectors in Eastern, Western and Far Western Development Regions to print books of primary level. 




Source- Republica Daily


Published on 2014-02-24 02:19:06

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