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MoE pulls socks following slack SLC results




Following widespread criticism over their performance in this year´s SLC exams, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has asked all the schools run under government grants to restrict their teachers from participating in political seminars, workshops or any sort of protest programs.

The MoE has also directed the offices under it, district school observers and resource persons to compulsorily monitor classrooms and student activities and prepare a review every month.

Following the decline in SLC pass rate, the MoE has issued 23-point directive to the offices under it. As per the directive, all subject teachers must prepare a self-achievement benchmark for every grade they teach and send each copy to the Resource Centers and District Education Offices (DEO). One copy of the document needs to be submitted to the headmaster, the MoE mentions in its directive issued on Wednesday.

Similarly, the ministry has also instructed the Department of Education (DoE) and District Education Offices to make the schools send quarterly examination results of 10th graders to the Resource Centers and DEO for evaluation of the students who are set to appear in SLC exams. “Weaknesses can be corrected even a few months before the SLC exams,” said the MoE Spokesperson Mahashram Sharma.

Likewise, every school must implement students´ progress program, aiming best results in SLC. The MoE Joint Secretary Sharma added that the DEO and the Resource Persons would be responsible to prepare and implement the code of conduct for both teachers and students.

The MoE has also introduced the reward and punishment system for the secondary level education in a bid to relate students´ progress with teachers´ performance. Similarly, the headmasters have been assigned to prepare a profile of all the teachers and update them on the basis of students´ exam results. The schools have been directed to compulsorily implement academic calendar strictly.

The MoE has also instructed the DoE to increase access of monitoring team to schools and also revise the status of assistance system for teachers. As per the new move, the school administration would have to prepare the list of poor performing students and seek suggestion from DEOs and resource persons as soon as possible. Likewise, the DoE would also have to analyze the achievements made by all the schools in recent times and decide on adding or declining the government aid to the institutions.

The School Management Committee, teachers and guardians must hold discussions on improving teaching and learning process. The DEOs need to register complaints against schools and teachers introducing hotline number at offices. Likewise, the Regional Educational Directorate must monitor the DEOs and the schools against which most of the complaints are registered at DEO in every four months and analyze the outcome.

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Published on 2013-06-22 02:19:07

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