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Political appointments responsible for frequent crises at TU



Political appointments for the top posts at the Tribhuvan University, which has increased the clout of student unions affiliated to various political parties and their meddling in day-to-day affairs of the university, has been blamed for the problems that besieges the University time and again, say educationists.

The latest setback facing the university is its failure to hold the Free Student Union polls on time, which has left thousands of students at the TU and constituent colleges unsure about their examinations and regular classes.

Agitating students attack a motorbike with government license plate, outside Tri-Chandra Campus, in the capital.

“The top officials of TU are linked with various political parties and they want to be loyal toward them on every issue,” says Educationist Bishnu Karki. It is not a big deal for the TU officials to ask clarification on mass admissions or scrap all the admissions done on May 16 and 17, if they have a will power to do so, he claimed.

Delaying the poll means hampering the TU academic calendar, he added. “Either hold the election within a month or let it go for now,” he said, adding, “Why trouble people in the name of FSU poll at a time when CA election is undecided.”

Dissolving the FSU is not a solution as students´ involvement is inevitable to develop education policies. But to ensure quality, the student unions must not be associated with the political parties. They should be independent and raise issues that are important for students. “Why do we need student wings of each and every political party in colleges,” questioned Karki.

Failing to sort out the dispute on mass admissions before the election, the FSU poll that was to be conducted on Thursday has been postponed. The unions have been blaming each other for admitting students en masse to win election. The college authorities had initially said that the student unions admitted around 3000 students at seven colleges alone, spending more than Rs 12 million targeting election.

What has the TU been doing to take the situation under control that has emerged as the poll remains undecided?
The university has always been very loyal and liberal toward the demands of the student leaders who represent the well being of thousands of students studying in the constituent and affiliated colleges of the TU.
We have again invited the leaders for dialogue as the university is serious about ensuring their legitimate rights. The poll can be rescheduled to anytime the students agree. But all the unions must agree on the date.

Don´t you feel the university should have acted tough on mass admissions issue?
TU´s Student´s Welfare and Sports Council did all it could. Electoral committees were formed at all colleges to monitor the irregularities. At the same time, the administration at affiliated colleges has all the power to scrap admissions that are done violating the norms.
Though the media reports claimed that campus chiefs and administrative officials were taken hostage till mid-night on the day of mass admissions, no such complaints have reached to us. So it is better to find a solution through dialogues rather than take any harsh actions against student unions.

Can university take tough decision like dissolving the FSU if the deadlock prolongs and threatens to disrupt the TU academic calendar which is already lagging behind?
I believe the deadlock would not last long. The special senate amended the TU regulations to conduct the election as per mixed system which was a major contention among 13 student unions for the last five years. Showing due respect to our effort, the students should settle all other issues.

Students withdraw strike for dialogue with TU
Nepali Congress affiliated Nepal Student Union (NSU) has withdrawn the general strike called for Thursday after the TU invited the students for dialogue on Wednesday.

NSU Coordinator Ranjeet Karna said that other protest programs would continue even though the strike was called off.
Earlier on Wednesday, NSU cadres burned effigy of Chairman of the Interim Government Khil Raj Regmi to pressure the TU to announce fresh poll date. Regmi is also the TU chancellor.

The cadres had hit the streets demanding the TU to play constructive role in announcing the new date. The university needs to jointly organize a meeting amoung all 13 student unions to settle the ongoing dispute which has distanced the students, the NSU coordinator Karna mentioned.
NSU supporters and student cadres also staged protest and sit-in at the TU premises on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the student cadres affiliated to CPN-Maoist aligned ANNISU-R have also been staging protests at the college premises since Friday.
ANNISU-R President Sharad Rasaili claimed that the FSU poll would not have been postponed had other student unions been serious about conducting it on time. “I don´t see the possibility for election before September,” said Rasaili. The failure to settle the dispute among students speaks of the immaturity of TU officials to handle such issues, he said.

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