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FSU poll elusive as student unions fail to settle mass admission issue


KATHMANDU, May 27: Only 10 days remain for the Free Student Union (FSU) polls, yet the student unions affiliated to various political parties themselves doubt that the polls would be held on June 6, the scheduled date.

The uncertainty arises from the dispute surrounding mass admissions in the Tribhuvan University (TU) constituent colleges that took place on May 16 and 17.

The student leaders point fingers at each other for the current dilemma. Nepal Student Union (NSU) coordinator Ranjeet Karna claimed that the All Nepal National Independent Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), affiliated to both the UCPN (Maoist) and the Baidya faction, have been trying to disrupt the election strategically.

“It is the dispute between these two groups who have the mindset to disturb the election environment as they fear losing,” claimed Karna.
The unions have been blaming each other for the mass admissions which were done to influence the election results. The college authorities had initially said that the cadres affiliated to different unions admitted around 3000 students in seven colleges spending more than Rs 12 million.

Madhav Dhungel, president of the CPN-UML aligned All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU), said that his organization was ready to appeal to the respective colleges to cancel all the admissions done after April 6, the day when the TU executive committee had announced fresh poll date for June 6.

He demanded an investigation into the source of the money the ANNISU-R spent for mass admissions.
The ANNISU-R was has rejected the accusation that it enrolled hundreds of union cadres in the campuses by paying millions of rupees within two days.

Earlier, ANNISU-R, NSU and ANNFSU had forcefully admitted students in droves, taking campus chiefs and administration officials hostage till mid night.

Meanwhile, the ANNISU-R President Himal Sharma said that the student unions do not have rights to scrap the admissions.
“Let the university decide whether the admission are fake or genuine, we have no rights to spoil the future of genuine students who got admitted on the last date,” he added.

Colleges padlocked across the country
Nine Valley-based constituent colleges have been shut amid protests against the mass admissions by the student unions. The TU´s Central Campus in Kirtipur has also been padlocked by the Biadya-affiliated ANNISU-R demanding annulment of the mass admission.

On Sunday, the ANNISU-R had submitted a memorandum to the TU Vice Chancellor demanding the university to create environment to hold the poll at the TU Central Campus, Kirtipur. The ANNISU-R president Sharma has been threatening that his organization would not allow the election at any colleges across the country if it was not held at the central campus.

Rasaili claimed that Sharma wants his party´s domination at the central campus so that their party has a representation in the TU senate. He claimed that the organization has started padlocking the colleges across the country. The student group on Monday padlocked the government colleges in Nawalparasi and Butwal.

TU, unions dialogue futile
Meanwhile, the meeting held between the TU authority and the four student unions remained inconclusive on Monday. The meeting held at the TU Student Welfare and Sports Council ended after the ANNISU-R president Sharma rejected the possibility of scrapping mass admissions. Chief of the Council, Ganga Bahadur Thapa said that another meeting would be held on Tuesday to create favorable environment for the poll.

Source: Republica Daily


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