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73 drivers to be jailed on Public Offence Charge for drunk-driving –Deaths decrease, road accidents still high

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The traffic authority has charged 73 drivers with public offence charge for drinking and driving the public vehicle in the Valley.

According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) officials, the accused can be jailed for 25 days and pay Rs1000-5000 if the accusation gets established at the District Administration Office (DAO). Similarly, the MTPD has also punched the driving license of the drivers. The driving permit gets automatically scrapped if a driver receives five punching in his license.

“The drivers’ heath report has been forwarded to district administration for tough action against them,” said DSP Giri.

Surprise checking conducted by traffic authority for the last few days detected that drivers of public vehicles were drunk early in the morning.

Tulasi Chaudhary, a driver of a micro-bus (BA 1 JA 6086) on Ratnapark-Nayabasti route was taken under control by the traffic officer at 7.40 on Monday morning as he seemed uncontrolled while driving, according to the traffic police.

The traffic detected him through breathalyzers, the result was positive. “As soon as he was under traffic control, the micro-bus passengers also supported us,” Giri added. Chaudhary has been sent to Metropolitan Police Circle, Bouddha to precede the case on public offence charge.

Another driver of a micro-bus (BA 1 JA 6309) was sent to police custody on the similar ground. The driver Nabin Bharati was also detected positive on drinking and driving on the Friday morning at Ratnapark-Narayanthan vehicular route. His case is also under investigation at the Kathmandu DAO.

In a bid to control the road accidents, the traffic units have been launching surprise checking at various places of the Valley in daylight as well. As a result of which, the road fatality was brought to zero during 15 days Dashain festival-2012, claimed the MTPD spokesperson Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Pawan Giri.

The MTPD recorded 128 fatalities in a year from mid-April 2012 to mid April 2013 (2069 Baisakh to 2070 as per the Nepali calendar) road accident. The fatality was high in 2068 BS as 171 people lost their lives in road tragedy that year.

Though the casualties have declined the road accidents are still on rise. As many as 5096 accidents were registered in the Valley last year whereas 4914 road accidents were recorded two years ago.

Hit and run is the new road accident trend on rise following an ongoing road expansion and the delay in reconstruction which has increased pedestrians’ vulnerability to become a victim of road accidents, according to Superintendent of Police (SP) Jagat Man Shrestha, who has served at the MTPD for several years. The traffic officer pointed out that the vehicle drivers are most responsible for road accidents.


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