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TU-affiliated private colleges doubled in 5 years



Amid the rapid expansion of the private sector in higher education, government figures show that the number private colleges has doubled over the last five years.

In the fiscal year 2007/08, there were 420 private colleges affiliated to the Tribhuvan University but this number swelled to 826 by FY 2011/12. But the number of TU constituent colleges remained constant at 60 during the period.

Similarly, the student enrollment in the TU-affiliated private colleges increased to 59 percent of the total TU enrollment from 38 percent within five years.

In the fiscal year 2007/08, the total number of students in TU colleges was 272,726 and 62 percent or 167,114 students (pursuing bachelor´s and master´s) were from TU-constituent colleges. But as the number of affiliate colleges reached 826 in 2011/12 and the number of students in these colleges reached 230,066.

More than 400 private colleges are centered in the Central Development Region whereas 63 new colleges opened in the Far-west region by 2011/12.

Experts say irregular classes and politicization at the TU-constituent colleges is responsible for the rapid growth of private sector colleges. Former Vice Chancellor of TU Madhav Prasad Sharma said the TU-constituent colleges are in dire need of reform to maintain TU academic calendar and teacher´s regular attendance in the classroom.

Similarly, the TU´s expenditure on each student has also doubled in the past three years. For instance, TU spent Rs 5,845 per year per student enrolled in management faculty in fiscal year 2009/10, and this expense jumped to Rs 11,530 in fiscal year 2011/12.

Educationist Bidya Nath Koirala argued that the recent fee hike in government colleges disappointed those students who expected quality education after paying additional amount which made the students choose private colleges.

Source: Republica Daily


Published on 2013-01-06 03:33:02

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