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Lives cut short: A senior most Pilot and family man who believed in simplicity




While Tandukar family was yet to recover from the death of the head of the family, demise of 43-years-old Captain Pilot Bijay Tandukar in the air crash early Friday morning was the second shock to the old mother and family within a year.

Born in Mitra Park of Kathmandu, Tandukar was known as a calm person with an introvert personality. Tandukar is survived by two children and wife.

Sagar Acharya, chief safety officer of the Sita airlines described him as a person with soft heart who was always ready to extend a helping hand to his colleagues. At the same time, Tandukar was considered the good flyer and cautious in his job.

“Captain was among the senior most pilot we have and was considered a fine flyer in the airlines,” said Acharya. He was also associated with Sita Air from the time of its establishment in 2003 after completing his studies in the US. He had been serving as captain for the last six year.

“He was never heard talking about big ambitions, but would often share his feeling about his old mother, wife and children,” Acharya said.

Acharya, who is among the Tandukar´s oldest colleagues in the airlines said, “Saving the nearest human settlement during the air crash on Friday shows his dedication to mankind.”

Source: Republica Daily


Published on 2012-09-29 03:30:39


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