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Govt to mobilize 500 engineering interns for quality outcome



Disappointed over the performance of its own technicians, hired permanently or under contract, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) is planning to mobilize 500 engineering students of various universities to work as interns in the development projects under the ministry.

The ministry has already tied-up with the Kathmandu University (KU) for technical resource mobilization by the end of this fiscal year.

The aim is to draw quality manpower into the ministry´s workforce, especially for development projects that are at present plagued by inefficiency and widespread corruption.

“The students will have to intern in the ministry´s construction projects for six months,” said Dinesh Thapaliya, spokesperson at MoFALD.

He said that the government is also looking forward to take the offer to Tribhuvan University´s Institute of Engineering and other universities, hoping to engage about 500 interns over a period.

“We reached a conclusion during a meeting with vice chancellor and dean of KU that this model would be best for both local development and for the career of students,” mentioned Thapaliya.

As per the plan, intern engineers would work under District Development Committees and municipalities whereas overseers would be sent to VDCs.

“Each student will be paid Rs 20,000 during the internship period,” Thapaliya said, adding, “Of course, the better performers would be hired later with an increment in salary.”

The KU´s current course of study requires students to complete three months internship in their final year.

“Following the tie-up, however, the internship period will now be extended to six months to include the internship period with the ministry,” said Bhola Thapa, dean of the School of Engineering at KU.

“The students in the final year will get the opportunity to serve in the projects under the ministry as per their own interests,” said Thapa. “The university will upgrade the research and thesis requirements for master´s level students and specifically mention about internship at the government´s local development bodies.”

As per the agreement, the students who choose to intern for local development projects will receive their passed certificates only after they submit their research and thesis based on their work and if their performance meets the criteria set by the university.

The performance of the students would be monitored by Technician Offices in the districts and by monitoring teams sent by the university, added Thapa. “We will have standard guidelines to check the performance of the interns,” said Thapa.

 Source: Republica Daily


Published on 2012-09-18 03:30:24

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